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Cleaning Up With Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning has become a rapidly growing division of Kelly Cleaning due to our quick response, dependable service and satisfaction guarantees.

The dirt on solar panels can lose up to 25% of their power production if they are too dirty (in some circumstances, even more loss). To get the most out of solar panels, they should be routinely checked and maintained. Kelly can provide that service for you on a scheduled monthly, quarterly, yearly, or whatever schedule the location of the panels dictates.

No water – no problem. Kelly can provide the water to do the job even if the solar panels are installed at a remote, waterless location.

Natural rain and snow help to clean the solar panels but, unfortunately, Southern California has little or none of either. What Southern California does have are traffic and highways that pollute the air with oily grime which can create oil spots on solar panels. These spots cause havoc to the panel’s power production. The Kelly Cleaning system removes the oil spots without harming the panels.

Think of your solar panels as windshields. Have you ever parked your car at the airport long term? Before you can drive, you must use your windshield wipers and water in order to see out. Imagine how tough it is for your panels to create power with months, years even, of atmospheric soiling. It is imperative you keep your panels clean so they can do their job to the best of their capabilities.

Hard to reach, remote sites, no water, oily grime, don’t phase the ability of Kelly to beautifully clean solar panels. Their experienced professionals have encountered all contingencies and have won.

Don’t delay any longer getting your solar panels back to full strength. Call Kelly at (805) 644-5308 now for your FREE estimate, and become eligible for our current promotion of 10% off initial service for first-time customers.

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