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Healthcare Cleaning Service Ventura

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Our healthcare facility training program exeeds the regulatory standards. JCAHO quality standards are the blueprint that Kelly Cleaning & Supplies uses in its health care cleaning services. Kelly Cleaning & Supplies has taken that blueprint and improved upon it, not only meeting, but exceeding the JCAHO standards. Using JCAHO standards as a starting point, Kelly Cleaning & Supplies has implemented the following:

  • Infectious control procedures that have been approved by an Infectious Control Practitioner. These prevent the spreading of infectious bacteria through Environmental Services (EVS) procedures.
  • Cleaning schedules for our employees to use when cleaning a health care facility.
  • Special cleaning procedures for exam rooms, workstations, utility rooms, etc., and precautions for cross contamination.
  • We provide, for our clients, custom performance programs with monthly reporting to the designated facility liaison.
  • Monthly quality inspections are made using JCAHO cleaning standards.
  • MSDS sheets provided within an exposure book that indicates the frequency of project cleaning and the completion of each task.
  • Importance of personal protective equipment.
  • Kelly Cleaning & Supplies training program.

The Kelly Cleaning & Supplies training program consists of hands-on training, videos and a written test, and it exceeds the regulatory standards of HIPAA, JCAHO and CDS.

It is mandatory for each supervisor, lead person and employee to pass a written test to ensure these procedures are understood and maintained. The Kelly Cleaning & Supplies health care facility training is refreshed yearly with updates applied. Some of the numerous topics covered in this training are:

  • Infectious cleaning, including body substance isolation.
  • Cleaning for safety with emphasis on blood-borne pathogens.
  • Cleaning exam rooms and patient restrooms.
  • The proper use of chemicals and equipment.
  • Stripping and sealing health care facility floors.
  • Cleaning health care facility carpets.
  • Kelly Cleaning & Supplies rules of conduct for its employees.
  • Kelly Cleaning & Supplies HIPAA Policy.

It is the policy of Kelly Cleaning & Supplies that all patient information is confidential. Any confidential patient information that a Kelly Cleaning & Supplies employee may be at liberty to see will be kept confidential. No employee shall access, discuss, review, disclose, transmit, alter or destroy confidential patient Information.