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Stone & Tile Cleaning Ventura 

People often assume stone is “stain-proof.” However, all stone is porous and delicate to some degree. If natural stone is not properly treated with a high-quality protective sealer, water, oils or other liquids can easily penetrate the surface, leaving stains that could become permanent. In addition, if the wrong maintenance products are used, they can cause major damage as well. With the use of advanced technology, Kelly Cleaning & Supplies professionals use protective sealers, impregnators and enhancers that penetrate all types of stone, tile and grout, protecting your surfaces from staining.

Protect your investment — our safe products won't damage stone or tile.

When it comes to stone restoration, even the toughest cleaning jobs are made easy with our specially formulated and proven products that remove stubborn grease and soils with advanced cleaning technology; they are safe for all types of natural stone, masonry, ceramic tile, porcelain tile and grout. We also carry a full line of natural “green,” as well as conventional, cleaners to maintain the natural beauty of all your stone surfaces.

Remove scratches and wear from stone and tile.

Scratches and wear on marble, limestone, travertine and terrazzo can be removed with our honing, polishing and shining powders. We can safely renew all stone surfaces, floors and counters.

Call for a free estimate, or visit the Kelly Cleaning & Supplies tech center in Ventura, California. Let our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff demonstrate how your floors can be restored to their original beauty.